How To Not Get Caught Seeing Escorts

October 2, 2015

People choose to see escorts for different reasons. Some don’t have time for a relationship, others want to have fun without any commitment involved, and of course, many want to spice up their sexual life, but they simply can’t do it with their partner.

Even though there is nothing wrong with spending time with escorts, everybody must keep their personal life private. It’s not the world’s business what you do and who you do it with, right?

Unfortunately, being careful is not most people’s best quality. So, if sometimes you are reckless and you can’t think about everything, here are a couple of tips that can help you keep your secret life away from Big Brothers’ Eyes!

Nothing is Wrong Until You Get Caught

If you’re not a public person or a married man, being exposed might not be such a big deal. But if you are, and you get caught seeing escorts your life can be in danger. Don’t panic, nobody will actually throw rocks at you… though your wife might.

So, the first thing you should think about, if you have a wife or a girlfriend, is that while you pay somebody to fulfill your deepest desires, women PAY ATTENTION. Yes, she KNOWS things even if you don’t tell her. She knows your smell, the way you usually dress, how you normally behave.

She is very aware of your patterns and when something is out of order, her eyes become big and she begins a very womanly research, looking for signs of evidence.

This is why you have to be careful and not give her reasons to be suspicious. And to be honest, she won’t think about ESCORTS if you act strangely. She will only “feel” you are cheating, or worse have a parallel relationship, and man, you don’t want her to “feel” that!

Keeping Your Naughty Business Private

So, if you don’t want to be metaphorically fucked, you must be careful with keeping your life out of the public, and your wife’s eyes. The first aspect you should keep in mind is developing a routine.

What I mean is set a regular time when you see an escort and have an established schedule for that day. For example, you choose Thursday evening as the perfect time to have your special kinky encounter. Oh well, Thursday evening is Tennis time! Does this make any sense for you?

The next problem many people who love spending their time with escorts is that they don’t think about the areas they meet. You should always avoid places you don’t usually go to. What’s your excuse for being in a part of the city you never visit? So, the best option is to set up your rendezvous somewhere you are usually seen. This way you escape the possibility of being spotted and then questioned.

Don’t get me wrong. You can’t see your escort somewhere too close to your house. This would be really, but really reckless even for those of you who find risk sexy.

What else? Whatever you do, don’t brag to your friends. Not only that high school times are over, but not all people are good at keeping secrets. So, even though you might meet an escort that completely blew your…mind, keep the information for yourself. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

That’s the easy part. Now, let’s begin with the difficult things, especially for people who are not very aware of how their mobile devices and PCs can get them in trouble.

Firstly, don’t be one of those people who think that using their work phones and emails is going to save them. Oh well, they might not get you in trouble with your wives, but how about your workmates and bosses?

What can you do? People, just sign up for a free email account and DO NOT use your real name. OK, using John Snow is not a great idea either, but it’s still better than yours, isn’t it?

Now, to take care of the phone issue, why not just buy a pre-paid cell phone? This way you eliminate the risk of getting caught by a sneaky wife or even work colleague. Smartphones are one of the main reasons people’s private life is exposed.

And there’s the Internet! What would we do without it and how would you find the perfect escort if you didn’t have an INTERNET connection? Oh well, just how it offers you the chance to get everything you want online, it can also ruin your happy married life. So, you must take care of your trails!

Here is what you should do. Firstly, use a different browser than you normally do. You don’t want to mix your work with your escorts, do you? Also, make sure your browser has the cookies disabled, and the caches are cleared on a regular basis. Do you feel like an FBI agent working undercover? Well, you kind of are, in your own little kinky world.

Last, but not least, ALWAYS use the browser in a private mode. For example, if you normally utilise Chrome, in order to be “undercover”, go with “incognito Mode”. This way, nothing you type, search for, or login into will be saved.

When in Danger or in Doubt, DON’T Run in Circles, Scream and Shout!

Theoretically, these are the most important aspects when it comes to not getting caught seeing escorts. And yes, most men are in trouble because they don’t pay attention to covering their tracks or because they brag a lot.

Assuming you’ll follow the steps above, there’s one more thing: Your ATTITUDE. I understand you have a conscience, we all do. But since you already chose to see escorts, I advise you to keep yourself together even when you are very close to getting caught.

If you take care of the issues mentioned before, there is no danger, but let’s say you miss something and people around you become suspicious. Well, until they actually KNOW, just don’t cause more problems for yourself by acting even more dubious. Whatever happens, keep your story straight!

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