Seeing Transexuals -Does it Make Me Gay?

January 22, 2016

More and more people are interested in dating transexuals or, at least, have experiences with the interesting TS escorts. While most of them know who they are and are perfectly aware of their sexuality and orientation, there are men who completely lose themselves in their desires.

Well, it is completely understandable, isn’t it? Think about it. You have been a usual straight male all your life and suddenly your attention goes to transexuals. So, what does this eagerness to meet and date one of the lovely TS escorts mean in terms of your sexual orientation?

Well, you might want to hear that there is nothing wrong with you because…there isn’t. However, in order to believe me, you need to know more about transexualism, the people who date transsexuals, human beings’ sexual orientation and personal choices.

What is a Transexual

There are many people who just rush with judging everything and everybody who is not in alignment with their ideas of life. Well, before becoming one of them and disapprove with people’s and even your own choice, why not try to understand?

So, what about transexuals? Well, let me put it this way. Imagine you are caught in a body that is not yours! Or if your imagination can’t go further than mundane things, just think about being locked in an elevator with nobody around to hear your screams. Don’t you just want to get the hell out of that thing?

Well, that’s almost what transexualism feel like. Only it’s worse. They are just not in line with the bodies they have and find themselves in a continuous struggle to escape and enjoy the gender they identify with.

So they are either men or women who feel they don’t belong to their gender because they actually function like all members of the opposite sex.

What can they do about it? Well, hopefully, they don’t let themselves defeated by the society stigma and seek medical assistance. This can mean they receive hormone therapy and sex change surgeries, in order to line up their body with the sex they identify with.

So, transexuals can be both men and women. They can be women trapped in men’s bodies or men who are caught in the body of women. Now, even if you probably heard that transexuals are all dancers and entertainers, it’s time for a reality check: they are just normal people who had the misfortune to be born different. This means that they are lawyers, architects, cooks, doctors or writers just like people who date them.

Now, let me ask you something. If a woman doesn’t have big boobs is she less of a woman? And believe me, there are men who have bigger boobs than their wives. So, even though most of us think about tits when they say “women”, nature is unpredictable.

She feels like a lady, acts like one and that definitely makes her one, right? And if you date a flat-chested woman, you are a straight man who dates a lady who has no boobies, right? Did you get the point? If you didn’t, just continue reading.

Who Sees Transsexuals

As mentioned above, more and more people are attracted to transsexuals. If seeing transsexuals made people gay, we would definitely have a problem in the world. Fortunately, it doesn’t.

There is not a certain kind of men who like dating women born in men’s bodies. Most of them are bored with their sexual life and they just want to try something new. Many of them are just curious and hire a transexual escort once and continue with their traditional lives. Others, like TS women because they love being ladies more than most genetic females. They actually pursued their femininity with such a strong desire that they never take it for granted.

How is it wrong for a man to want a woman who really loves being feminine? I certainly want to be with a guy who wants to be a man and embraces his masculinity with everything it brings.

Being Attracted to Transexuals Makes You Gay?

Before asking this question lets agree with something. Being gay doesn’t imply anything wrong. But if you’ve been with women all your life and a recent interest in transexual makes you worried, just calm down. You are not gay! Or maybe you are but dating a TS lady doesn’t have anything with it. She is a lady!

As mentioned above, you are either experimenting with something different than your usual pleasures or just very attracted to her femininity. Personally, I understand your worries and I also know that not all of use are educated about gender and sexual identities.

At the same time, I know that a simple attraction to something different, does not only bring social stigma to your life but also makes you less sure of your sexual orientation. Well, it shouldn’t. You don’t just turn gay overnight.

In addition, you shouldn’t let society put a label on you, especially when it comes to experiencing new things. Yes, you can see a TS escort without being labeled as gay. Labels are for jars, not humans, anyway.

Now, this is a taboo subject but as all banned issues that changed over the years, this will too. People evolve and so does their ability to understand the differences between them, their desires, uniqueness and manner of thinking. Until transexualism becomes something rated as “normal”, just be careful with not letting social stigma tell you who you are and what you should do for your well-being.

If you have any thoughts and advice about this matter, you are welcome to comment in the box below. Sharing is caring, isn’t it?

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