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Lingerie and money on a white bed sheet
November 6, 2015

Brothels have a pretty poor reputation in the media. Whenever you hear about them, it is so that the newspapers can cheer that yet another one has been shut down. They are always thought to be home to women forced to work in this life, who have been trafficked in from other countries and forced to sell their bodies and souls to make a little bit of money that will then be taken from them. It’s all very doom and gloom and we rarely hear about the positives of working in a brothel.

Prostitute picking up businessman on the street
October 1, 2015

Over the years there have been many different methods to try and put an end to sex work completely, and yet despite all of this the world’s oldest profession is still going strong. Since the attacks on the sex workers themselves haven’t made a difference to the industry, people are instead deciding that we need to do is instead focus on the clients of sex workers and stop them from seeing them. After all, if you get rid of the demand, the supply goes too… right?

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August 11, 2015


You might have stumbled onto Escort England while looking for the perfect companion, and you might be looking at this blog in the hope of getting more information. If you have never had an escort date before, or you are simply curious about what the reality is, how do you know what to expect, and what do you need to do to prepare for it?

Sexy blonde woman in lingerie seducing man on bed
May 8, 2015

The way people talk about the subject, you would think those who pay for sex are the most despicable and evil people in the world. But is that really the case?

the UK house of parliament behind the water
October 10, 2014

I was sat up last night watching the coverage of the Clacton by-election. At the age of 35 I find myself getting more and more interested in politics. Maybe it is the fact I have two kids and I am interested in the life they will have when I am gone, or maybe it is the fact that I am getting old and really, really boring. Either way, I had a late night.

September 16, 2014

For Daniele Watts, it was a normal day. She spent some time with her boyfriend, kissed him, and then went off to make a phone call to her father. The next thing she knew, she was in handcuffs and being detained on prostitution charges.