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adult french woman and man bayers choosing long rubber phallus in the sex shop
September 5, 2018

When it comes to buying sex toys, there are certain things you should look out for. You want to buy toys made with materials safe for use with the body. Avoiding porous materials is key for keeping your toys clean and safe. Depending on where you use the toy, you should also look at flared bases to ensure they don’t go further than they should.

A woman holds a question mark over her vagina, clearly questioning clitoral injections
July 11, 2016

People do all sorts of strange things to themselves to get a nicer looking body or to improve themselves. While most people hit the gyms, some opt for surgical procedures and injections. However, these injections don’t stop purely at the face, as it seems that some people are trying out clitoral injections!

voluptuous girl in underwear derives pleasure on floor
October 12, 2015

What many consider to be the most bizarre sport in the world is back, as America is proudly hosting the World Air Sex Championships again. If you don’t know what the air sex championships are, you might be able to guess from the name that they are basically competitions where performers get up on stage in front of hundreds and imagine that they are having sex.

Woman pulled by police
February 13, 2015

Here at XEscorts, we understand that people enjoy sex toys. They have brought a lot of fun into the sex lives of couples (and singles) all over the world. However, there are times when people take that love way to far!

Sexy Retro Stewardess Undressing or Dressing
February 11, 2015

Social media is an interesting place to be at the moment. On things like Twitter you are constantly assaulted with images or witty comments by others. On Facebook, you see link after link to the latest quiz or “top ten facts” page that you just have to click on.

sexy legs in black stockings
January 12, 2015

Russia is known as a pretty extreme place. After all, last year saw Russia repeatedly making the news for homophobic attacks, and there were many countries willing to shake a finger at Russia during the Winter Olympics. Every week, a new story comes out of Russia to make us stop and go “what?”.

Hospital gurney
September 3, 2014

More and more unusual stories are coming out about people working in mortuaries. Remember the article about the mortician caught having sex with bodies? Now three people in Kenya are being charged with cutting sexual organs from a dead body.