The Hidden Sex Messages in Advertising

April 29, 2016

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The fact that everybody loves sex is something you already knew. Well, you are reading the XEscorts blog so that means you are one of the people who really enjoys a lot of sexy time. And that is very healthy. Unfortunately, the fact that we love having sex it’s sometimes used in order to captivate our attention. Well this is not always bad, but let’s be honest, we would strongly appreciate if some advertisers messed less with our minds.

Many of us are aware of the subliminal messages everywhere, but this doesn’t mean we can fight them because we can’t actually detect most of them.
Why are these hidden messages used? Well, they tickle our brain and even if we don’t realize we see them, our subconscious picks them up like a sponge. So, there are ad’s, movies and even cartoons where sexual references are used in order to attract people.

Sex Sells, Even When You Don’t Notice It

Ads are not created for the conscious mind. If you carefully look at printed ad’s, or watch some TV commercial, you might be able to notice a few subliminal messages. However, ads are specially created to reach your subconscious.

Why? Well, you don’t stare at an ad and check it out. You just look at it for a few moments, right? Not now, of course! Now you are probably thinking about staring at a few ad’s hoping to find the naughty messages. But first, finish the article. Anyway, you don’t need more than a few seconds for your brain to assimilate whatever the advertiser offers. Usually, sex is the aspect used because…it sells!

This is why images with penises, pussies, butts, boobs and the word “sex” are hidden everywhere you look . And it doesn’t matter if you look at ad’s, watch commercials, movies and even cartoons. Sex is everywhere because it has to reach all types of people.

What’s the point? How can an image or a word make any difference? Well, it’s all about how this makes you feel. Thinking about sex makes me…anxious, horny. If the word murder is hidden somewhere, I might feel scared or angry. So, hiding messages is important when something needs to generate emotional responses. How else can something be attractive if it doesn’t generate emotions?

Do you understand why you have a man with a hard penis on a pack of Camel cigarettes, a naked lady on a can of coke or the word sex on a pack of Skittles? Sex sells!

As mentioned, you get to see, or better said not see but assimilate sexual messages in movies and on their posters as well. What is a bit terrifying is the fact that Disney puts sexual representation in most of its movies. Disney pictures were famous for the racism they were promoting but they are also pretty good at hiding sexy messages in all the kids’ productions. I mean, I understand that this is a way to captivate adults, but is it necessary? Personally, I don’t like the idea of a kid growing up with seeing penises, pussies and sex everywhere.

Can People Be Hypnotized Through…Sex?

So, hiding naughty texts and images in ads, movies and cartoons is pretty easy, but do they work? Well, first of all if they didn’t, why would they be there? Yes, they could be there just for fun, but that’s not what’s going on.

Now, I can’t say that people are actually hypnotized through sex. I mean, I would watch and like Harry Potter even if there was no sexy subliminal message. I read the books and I liked them and I am pretty sure J.K Rowling didn’t spend her nights trying to insert the word sex in it.

However, we have to agree that people are stratified when something sex related is involved. So it sells because it awakens some very powerful emotions in all of us.

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