The Sex Dolls For Pedophiles

March 22, 2016

man with sex doll

Though a recent release of five year old sex dolls outraged people all over the world, the sex toy industry continued with making atrocious products. Now, a revolting sex robot that looks like a 12-year-old girl is the centre of a new scandal.

Called the “hot pure girl” and created by Chinese makers Shengyi, the creepy sex doll not only shows a child, but it is dressed in black and it is delivered in wooden boxes that look similar to coffins.

With this information, I am not sure if the product is designed to encourage pedophilia, necrophilia or both of them. Well, we can all agree that this is far from being addressed to people who have a healthy sexual life.

There Are Things You Wish You Could “Unsee”

The small robots for men cost 770 pounds and for this amount of money, buyers can choose the colour of the hair and eyes, as well as the type of face. Not all men like Asian…girls. I have to admit that while writing this article I feel nauseous and my headache becomes less and less bearable.

If you thought this is an underground business, let me tell you that it’s public and already famous. The website that is used for selling these abominations is proud to announce that the small sex toys heat up to 37.5 degrees and have a built-in USB. Well, my first thought was that the Chinese want to track down the pedophiles all over the world but they probably just want their money…

As mentioned above, these are not the first disturbing sex toys that came out, but they definitely are the latest step towards a dark society. Earlier this years, Shin Takagi, founder of Trottla, actually admitted that he created the 5-year-old dolls for pedophiles since he is actually one of them. Now, Shin Takagi nonchalantly affirmed that he is actually trying to protect the kids.

Probably just as Shin Takagi was trying to protect the 5-year-old children, the Chinese makers Shengyi are trying to take care of the 12 years-old girls who are in danger just as Nabokov’s Lolita was.

In this case, we should believe that dildos were made so that women stop wanting to have sex with real penises. But that’s not happening, is it?

So…Isn’t This Encouraging Pedophilia?

We all know that people have fetishes and that is something normal. I’ve met many men who were aroused by the schoolgirl role play and I have to admit I kind of like it, too.

However, none of the men I met were excited by the thought of playing with a schools girl whose organs aren’t even totally developed and functional.

Just like a 12-year-old boy’s penis is small and not fit for sex, a girl’s genitals are not fully grown. Not to mention the fact that kids’ brain is not mature enough for giving consent. This is why pedophilia is far from being similar to other fetishes. And that is why selling “underage” sex dolls is completely wrong.

The company argued that through the sex dolls they are selling are actually preventing pedophiles from abusing real children. However, we are grown-ups and we can all see what they are actually doing. Selling the “Lolita” dolls does nothing else but encouraging, normalizing and excusing the pedophilic behavior.

Now, I don’t have children yet, but many of you do. Is the world where the interests of the criminal are prioritised, while the sanctity of childhood is destroyed, a place you want to raise your children in? Do you think that these products encourage a dangerous behaviour that should actually be wiped out?

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