What Type of Penis Do You Have?

March 21, 2016

woman holding out mans jeans and looking at his penis

Unlike women who have to be inhumanly flexible or settle with seeing their special parts in a mirror, men can easily look at their junk and study it whenever they want to. Unfortunately, this only makes most men gain insecurities, thinking that they are too big, too small too skinny or too veiny. This issue might be related to the fact that many of you have no idea what type of penis you have and how it affects your sex life.

Well, there is more to know about the penis than how long or wide it is. And to be honest, not only men should try to learn about this subject, but also women. I admit that I used to be one of the many who believed that the penis is as straightforward as it comes, but now I know it is far from being true. So, it’s time to find out the type of penis you are attached to.

Does Size Matter?

The size of the “perfect” penis has been discussed so many times that I am already annoyed by people who think ladies need huge cocks in order to be satisfied. What they need is a real gentleman who pays attention to them and knows how to use his junk.

Though fortunately, most of them just think their cocks are too small, there are men who have tiny penises. Now if you are one of the rare men who have a tiny penis, please be aware of that aspect. There is nothing more unpleasant than a man who is not aware of his issues.

Knowing your problem will help you fix it. How? Well, you can start working on your tongue movements, you fingering technique, and you’ll be enjoying doggy style and the missionary position more than anything else.

At the same time, if your penis is huge, there is never too much lube for you. Oh, and if you’re…” fat” anal sex might be out of your menu, man!

The Grower vs. the Shower

Mr. Grower is the guy who made many women nervous before his penis started growing. Personally, I find this type more interesting because…well, I really like surprises and sometimes an erection can bring you a much bigger surprise than you expected.

At the same time, a shower is perfect for people who don’t like being surprised. Well, what you see is what you get in this case. Most men prefer being showers probably because the look a woman has when she sees a small thing right before it’s up, is kind of scary.

Hoodie or No Hoodie?

If you are circumcised you are probably wondering how sex is for men who still have their hoodies. At the same time, uncircumcised men wonder if the others are better at sex. I don’t know what to tell you about that except for the fact that I’ve heard the hoodie is better because it keeps the head of your penis sensitive. At the same time, I’ve also heard that it’s more hygienic to have it cut. Oh, well don’t get me wrong but if you want to keep yourself clean you can do it without getting rid of the skin on your penis.

Regarding what women think, I know some who like circumcised fellows, other who say that the extra skin creates more friction which makes them feels better and many who say that the man attached to the penis makes the actual difference. I have to agree with the ladies in the last category. Oh well, you know what they say, different strokes for different folks!

Straight Like a Pencil

Now, besides having different sizes, men’s junks also have different shapes, but if you’ve ever been to a public bathroom, a gym or nude beach you should already know that. At the same time, ladies who had more than one sexual partner are aware that the penis comes in different shapes, too.

The most common shape of penis seems to be the “pencil”. This cock has a uniform body with the same thickness everywhere. The best news for those of you who have a pencil penis is that, besides being suitable for every type of sex, it is great for anal play since the narrow tip makes the penetration easier!

Men Like Curves, but Women Don’t Say “No” Either!

Since I was the only girl in the family, I grew up with boys and witnessed many weird discussions. At some point, one of my cousins was concerned about having a curved while the others were bragging about having straight fellows. Back then, all I could do was call my cousin Captain Hook. What? I was 16 and playing soccer, instead of dating!

Well, fortunately, now I know that if your penis is curved, you are not alone. Unless we are talking about a severe case, there is nothing to be worried about. And if you want to receive applause for your curved penis, try to have sex in a position where your cock curves up so it can rub your lady’s G-spot.

If She Were Super Mario…

If you look down, you see that the tip of the penis is bigger than the rest of it and you don’t think it looks like a mushroom you’re not human. Of course, not all of you would think about a sexy Super Mario scene, where Mario has no mustache and is a lady savouring the mushroom. But then again, not all of you are creative writers, are you?

Now, though anal might be too painful for your lady, having a mushroom penis is nothing to be insecure about. It looks perfectly normal and ladies like it. In addition, you might want to know that thanks to the size of the glands, having this type of penis makes oral even better than it is for other guys.

Who Can Say No to Carrot Cake?

You might not have as much sugar as it is in a carrot cake, but your penis might look like a carrot. Well, this small-headed and big-shafted shape seems to be most ladies’ favourite since it offers gradual satisfaction, softly filling the warm vagina as it enters it.

And guess what? It’s also pretty desired when it comes to anal sex. So if you look down and you see a carrot, you win my friend.

The Moment When She Makes Eye Contact While Eating a Banana…

If your junk makes you think of a banana, you’re also lucky. The fact that it is thicker in the middle makes it great for the ladies. Not only does it offer great pleasure no matter what position you like, but this shape also enhances the pleasure given by oral sex!

Oh Penis, You Are So Veiny!

When erected, all types of penis we’ve talked about cam look rough thanks to having a lot of veins. Some men dislike it but most women love seeing those veins. Otherwise, why would there be dildos with fake veins?

And why do you think ladies like it? Yes, because the veins give extra pleasure. It seems that they make the penis vibrate when entering the pussy amplifying the sensations. Interesting, right?

So, What Is Your Type of Penis?

Now, all you have to do is look at your penis and put it in the right category. Then, figure out how to improve your sexual performance, but only after you accept the fact that there is nothing wrong with your fellow.

If you think your penis is a different shape than the ones mentioned, please feel free to teach us more about it by commenting in the box below. Cheers!

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