What Do Women Think About Escorts?

December 28, 2015

You rarely meet a man who is not familiar with escorts. Most men had, at least one sexy encounter with an intriguing courtesan, and all of them had their own reasons. What men think about sex workers, is obvious. If they didn’t fancy meeting them, the industry wouldn’t be flourishing.

But not all men who have rendezvous with paid girls are single. Some are in relationships and others are even married. How do their long-term companions feel about escorts? As you know, women are complex human beings and making a generalized statement regarding “how they feel” about something is as dangerous as a crime.

What I am trying to say is that there are different women and distinct opinions. Here are some of the thoughts women have when it comes to their “sisters” being paid for sex.

“I Want Her Life”

There are many women who wouldn’t even think about selling their body because that is their temple and they need love and respect in order to have the ability to spread their legs. At the same time, we live in a world where women are viewed better when they have sex appeal.

Don’t get me wrong, I know we are evolved human beings and we all have the same rights. But, aren’t we raised with tons of messages that are not directed to our brains, but to our body? Yes, they aim to hit our brain, but they are referring to as having beautiful bodies, being polished and glamorous. Women don’t have boob jobs because they grow up thinking about their ability to save lives in poor countries.

How can they not be jealous of the beautiful lady who gets to sparkle all the time, whose beauty and abilities are appreciated and even quantified? Who doesn’t want to get to be dressed-up and admired all the time? So yes, many women had secretly dreamed at least once about becoming an escort!

“I Pity Her”

Just like there are women who only see the positive and luxurious part of being an escort, we have to mention those who pity everybody who had the misfortune to end up with this job.

There are people who imagine that all escorts are in an unhappy place and they need to be rescued. While human trafficking is still a serious issue in some places of the world, the reality is different.

Women choose to work in escorting, just like they choose to act in porn movies. Unlike many beliefs, not all escorts’ lives have been a series of humiliating exploitations.

The pity merges with a tiny amount of admiration that awakens once in a while when they realize there might be some courtesans who are not dragged and forced to be who they are by purple wearing pimps. What’s the admiration for? Well, the ability to risk being stigmatized and in some places, even illegal. They have balls, don’t day?

“You Think She’s Better than Me”

As mentioned, many women are raised to always be careful and even critical with their appearance and this is why many have insecurity issues. Is there any woman who didn’t have this question “Is she prettier than me?” at least once in her life? I guess not.

Even if they have faithful partners, who don’t see other women or pay escorts for pleasure, women still wonder about how much prettier the ones they interact with are.

Therefore, is it abnormal the box filled with insecurity of such a woman explodes when she finds out her serious companion sees a courtesan? It might be totally different than having an affair, but, blinded by self-doubt, can she see what is really happening?

Reality Check: Women See Escorts!

Just like there are women who envy, pity or feel threatened by the courtesans’ sexuality, there are also women who have a more relaxed attitude about escorting. It is just a job, after all, isn’t it? And, even though you might be shocked , there are many who actually see escorts.

I am sorry but I have to take you out of the sexy movie, where your wife is seeing a female escort, having soapy sex in the hot tub and inviting you, too. Unfortunately, they prefer seeing male escorts. However, there are many women who would go for female courtesans so pray your partner is one of them!

The reasons why women pay for sex, seem to be quite similar to men’s explanations. They don’t have time for a relationship, their continuous failures made them afraid of connection or they just want to have some fun with somebody who thinks only about their well-being for a couple of hours.

To be honest, it is more and more obvious that saying men are extra sexual than women is just another stereotype that should be forgotten. Women seem to be having more feelings than men, and sometimes they are different and at the same time. However, in the end, we are human beings made of flesh. And why not admit that women are just as naughty as men, and lately, even more daring?

So, when thinking about how women see escorting, you cannot summarize everything in one sentences. The fact that you can say “ most men love escorts” doesn’t mean you can add “and most women hate them” because it is far from being true.

Yes, there are women who dislike courtesans, women who feel threated by them, pity them or even both at the same time. And of course, there are many women who want to be in their shoes or at least in their company for a while!

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