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August 29, 2018

Here at XEscorts, we are continually looking for ways to make sex work safer. When a man or woman is working on the fringes of society, it is unfortunately obvious that they could be prey to those who would hurt them.

A woman with money in her lingerie, suggesting someone is buying sex from her
April 18, 2016


Just like in Northern Ireland, Iceland, Sweden and Norway, sex became illegal to buy in France. Sex workers were immensely upset since, though the laws are not against selling sex, placing the legal responsibilities on their clients, definitely ruins their business. Though we have another country on the “no” list, there are still many of places where buying sex is still legal.

A look at prostitution: a client and sex worker talking
April 15, 2016

While it’s not illegal to sell sex in Britain, it is illegal to offer sex in public unless it’s from 19.00 to 7.00 BST in Leeds. This ‘managed approach,’ allows sex workers to sell their services on a specified network of streets and during a specified time without being stopped by police! A suburb in Leeds is the first area in the UK that’s permitting prostitution and the sale of sex in hopes it can control the trade.

A sex worker sitting in a chair and holding money
August 4, 2015

When it comes to sex work, pretty much everyone and their mother has an opinion about it. They think that they know the best way to stop it and the best way to help those in it get out. In fact, they think that they know so much about it that it is shocking the sex industry even exists!

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May 26, 2015

Here at XEscorts, we have always believed that prostitution should be legal. It is every man and woman’s right to do exactly what they want with their own bodies, so who are society to get involved?

Sexy couple
April 13, 2015

Russia doesn’t exactly have the greatest reputation when it comes to sex and relationships. For a start, LGBT people do not seem to have the same rights as others, despite the fact that what happens behind closed doors between two consenting (same sex) adults was decriminalised in 1993. Gay men and lesbian women are just not accepted.

Beautiful young indian woman in traditional clothing
March 24, 2015

Though it is a terrible thing to stereotype, it has to be said, there are many communities people associate with working in the sex industry. Topping that list are probably the Eastern Europeans. Though I have seen no formal statistics, it has to be said, there are a fair few of therm on our website (and we are very happy there are) Whether there are as many as the Daily Mail would like us to believe, then who knows!

Woman in skimpy black clothing sat on red rug
November 6, 2014

Here at XEscorts we know that the sex industry is booming. We have more escorts than ever on our pages, and for that to be the case, business must be going well making it worth their while. Still, even we were shocked at the figure that the government say we spent on sex annually in a recent study.

September 16, 2014

For Daniele Watts, it was a normal day. She spent some time with her boyfriend, kissed him, and then went off to make a phone call to her father. The next thing she knew, she was in handcuffs and being detained on prostitution charges.

March 6, 2014

Hartlepool taxi drivers were the recipients of a bizarre warning recently when they were told not to have sex with clients who couldn’t afford to pay the fare. This was after an unnamed driver had his licence revoked after being caught having sex with woman outside her home.