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November 8, 2016

Here at Escort England, we are well aware that many women are the victims of sexual assault and rape in this country. No-one deserves that, and it is only right that we, as a society, do things to minimise these kinds of offences.

3D Flag of Oklahoma, USA. Close Up.
May 4, 2016

Sometimes the court system shocks you just as much as the crime itself. Such is the case with the Oklahoma court ruling that declares oral sex is not rape if the victim is unconscious or inebriated. The court dismissed a case involving allegations that a 17-year-old boy sexually assaulted a 16-year-old girl who was reportedly unconscious. What you read is right even though it’s wrong. Not only did a court of law heinously fail a victim seeking justice, but it also infected the public opinion of what’s morally appropriate and acceptable.

woman in white sheet after being raped
February 29, 2016

On Friday 19th February 2016, the mainstream pop singer, Kesha, was denied an injunction to terminate her current contract with Kemosabe Entertainment by Judge Shirley Kornreich. In October 2015, Kesha filed a lawsuit against her producer, Dr. Luke aka Lukasz Gottwald, for claims of sexual abuse that happened since she first signed with his record label in 2005. Before anyone can make comments about the people that are involved in the case, we must hear about the statements claimed from both sides of the table.

Depressed couple on bed
January 25, 2016

Are you anxious to go out, have a couple of drinks and hook up with someone hot and maybe get laid? Of course you are because you think that alcohol makes you sexy and smart, and gives you the best nights of your life: the ones that you can’t remember.

Man straightening his tie
August 12, 2015

The internet is full of stories that make you feel genuinely angry when you reading them. For example, when we first heard about Roosh V and his belief that rape should actually be legalised (yes, really), we suspect that you probably thought “there’s a guy who needs a punch in the face”.

Man with hands behind back in handcuffs
May 20, 2015

Here at Escort England, we are fully aware that it is difficult for women (and men) to get justice after they have been sexually assaulted. There are rarely any witnesses, so for much of the time, it is one persons word against the other. I would love to know how many cases there are of men walking free, when in fact, they have committed an offence?

February 25, 2015

Here at Escort England, we have always been big supporters of women (and men) who are involved in sexual or violent attacks getting justice. We all know that it is hard to get that justice, as sexual offences are hard to prove. Far from most rapists being John Duffy’s type characters turning up at your local train station, most rapes take place between people who know each other, and lack the physical evidence that is there when you are up against a beast in a balaclava.

Woman looking sad
October 22, 2014

It really is the biggest debate in sport today. The question as to whether convicted rapist and talented footballer Ched Evans should be allowed to continue his career after being released from prison this month after a two year stretch has made it’s way off the back pages on to the front page of newspapers.

September 3, 2014

In one of the most brilliant moves I have seen in a while, a group of students have invented a nail polish that changes colour when exposed to date-rape drugs.

Man arrested with handcuffs behind his back
August 5, 2014

There was a blow for Wikileaks boss Julian Assange last week when the sex offences case against him was upheld by a Swedish court