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A sexy teacher
October 8, 2018

Looking on the BBC website this morning I found the latest ‘teacher sex with student’ story. The allegation was that she had had sex with a student in a plane toilet. She strenuously denied the allegation, claiming it to be a ‘porn fantasy’ invented by the lad. By the time you read this, the case may well have been decided one way or another, and at the time of writing we are leaving that to the court.

Las Vegas trip
September 24, 2018

We have been watching the rise of sex dolls over the recent years with interest in on our site. We have seen them go from cheap plastic things found in the bedrooms of weirdos, to realistic looking items that cost thousands of pounds. We have even seen sex doll brothels open all over the globe. The next step must surely be sex robots; it only seems to be going one way.

LGBT flags
August 26, 2018

On our site we have loads of transexuals. They come in all forms, male, female, and at varying stages of the transitional process. It is one of the most striking things people find when they come to the website, where in general they expect to just see natural born women on the pages.

Man feeling shocked
June 22, 2018

I have spent the last few months watching season two of Westworld, and I have to say, despite mixed reviews, I have enjoyed it. The acting is, for the most part incredible. And the storylines, if often confusing, certainly maintain interest. There is also the underlying discussion as to the future of robots and A.I. Will robots one day be used for sex in much the same way as Delores was in the first season?

old couple in the kitchen
May 18, 2018


One of the big worries many people have about getting old is the fact that their sex life is meant to go down the pan. Yes they enjoy it now, but the consensus has always been that once you reach the age of 65 you are more concerned about companionship than cumming. Well, a new study may well have put paid to that idea.

Couple in bedroom making love
March 27, 2018

At lot of time here at XEscorts we find ourselves giving sex advice to men. Maybe that is because most clients are guys, but when you consider that most escorts are women, then it can be argued that we are forgetting about 50% of our audience. Well as of today, that is coming to an end

Depressed old man on edge of bed
July 6, 2017

Having erectile dysfunction certainly isn’t nice. It ruins people of all ages sex lives, but it is fair to say, it becomes more prevalent as we get older. However, according to a recent report, there could be help on the way when it comes to making things better in that area. What is it you may ask? The answer is sex robots.

Couple having sex in the kitchen
June 29, 2017


We all love having sex. As I always say, if we didn’t, we are probably on the wrong website. But did you know there are so many health benefits to sex? Seriously, it can make you a new person, when compared with the version of yourself who doesn’t enjoy horizontal fun.

Young bored couple having problems in bedroom
January 9, 2017

It has always been said that during sex, if you say the wrong name in bed, then that is really, really bad. The consensus has always been that if it happens, it is because someone is thinking about another person, rather than the one they are shagging.

sexy female Santa seduces man on Christmas night
December 22, 2016

I don’t care if I will sound like the Grinch, but Christmas is one of the most boring days of the year for me. You wake up, you have your bacon sandwiches in the morning, you go to mass at church, you come back home to open your presents, you overeat, and then you spend the last 8 hours of the day watching Xmas movies that the channels repeat every fucking year.