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street sex worker
August 18, 2017

Life for street sex workers isn’t much like fun. Not only are they often looked at as the poor relation of the industry compared to online professionals, more importantly they are often the target of theft and violent assaults. However in Merseyside, it looks like the police are doing something about it.

Nurse on a hospital ward
July 25, 2017

In a piece of rather fascinating news which was released over the weekend, blood donation rules for sex workers and gay men in England and Scotland have been relaxed, making it easier for them to give blood.

Party political rosettes
May 31, 2017

If you haven’t noticed, there is a general election happening next week. I for one will be happy when it is over, even if I am a bit of a politics buff (nerd). Now there are many factors which will be considered when it comes where the votes will be cast; Brexit, the NHS, security. But where do the parties lie on sex work? Which parties have the interests of sex workers at heart?

Blackpool tower and illuminarions
July 25, 2016


I have always presumed that nobody wants to live in a red light district. Despite prostitution being the world’s oldest prostitution, having a street full of sex workers and guys looking to get laid doesn’t sound like fun to many. However, according to a recent survey of people in Blackpool, England, most thoroughly enjoy it, claiming it is ‘better than Daytime TV’.

A sex worker gets ready for some of the strange client requests her client has
April 15, 2016


A sex worker is someone who is employed in the potato industry. False! A sex worker is a sexy person who makes bank by working what their mama gave them in the sex industry. In a sexy world full of kinky people, sex workers have seen it all. All shapes, colors, sizes and that’s not it! They have also had some of the strangest client requests you can imagine.

prostitute with a client
February 8, 2016

When one thinks of sex workers often their body comes to mind first then you may wonder, “What is going on inside that sexy little head of theirs?” Finding out what makes a person tick is complex because everyone has their own individual back story. However there tend to be common themes that prove reason enough for those who choose to work in the sex trade industry.

Sex worker at the door of a car
November 13, 2015

Being human implies liking and disliking things, as well as having opinions about almost everything around us, even if occasionally we don’t know too much about the problems we discuss. It is normal to have thoughts! But sometimes, the fact that we have the ability to rationalize is not enough and we need a bit of research before we can be for or against something.

Sexy woman sending a sext
September 28, 2015

The fight for the decriminalisation of sex work is spreading throughout the world. After the decision by Amnesty International decision to push for the move, sex worker from all over the world are calling for a more relaxed attitude towards the industry.

Cop cuffs a man
September 4, 2015

A guy in Winchester, USA is in jail after he impersonated a police officer in a vain attempt to get back his wallet which had been stolen by a sex worker.

Black and white picture of a woman putting her hands over her face
September 3, 2015

A sex worker was described as being ‘lucky to be alive’ after being stabbed with scissors by a client who couldn’t stay aroused.