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Women want sex just as much as men, as one couple show in bed
May 2, 2016

Do dames think about bumping fuzzies as much as dudes think about doing the horizontal bop? It’s been said that men think about sex more than women yet a study performed by the fertility awareness app Kindara suggests, that’s not necessarily true dude. Women want sex as much as men!

Mature sexy woman
January 25, 2016

Ah, women. Who could resist them? Well, maybe homosexual men, but why don’t we focus the context on heterosexual guys who just adore women.

man kissing blindfolded escort
December 28, 2015

You rarely meet a man who is not familiar with escorting. Most men had, at least one sexy encounter with an intriguing courtesan, and all of them had their own reasons. What men think about sex workers, is obvious. If they didn’t fancy meeting them, the industry wouldn’t be flourishing.

Two sexy young women
July 30, 2015


Sorry guys, but we women love watching porn just as much as you do. We love opening up the laptop, taking out our favourite toy, and rubbing our hands all over our bodies as we watch two people fucking on the screen.

Man on top of woman in bed
May 28, 2015

For many men, talk of women paying for sex is like sweet, succulent poetry to their ears. It heralds a new age where the ever-present desire for sex is no longer exclusive to the male gender, and perhaps English nightclubs will cease to be the sausage-fest spheres of reciprocated frustration and sadness that they have become.

March 10, 2015

Men everywhere have always wondered what women really want. They are such strange creatures, always blind-siding and confusing us. Despite thousands of years of analysis, we really are no close to getting a definitive answer. However, this guy from the United States thinks he has them worked out. In his opinion, they want him to flash them!