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attractive woman in hat
May 8, 2018

The weather this week is absolutely beautiful, and many of you (not me, I am stuck in the office) will be sunbathing. Hey, a tan is amazing, especially for those escorts who would much rather get natural rays rather than visit a sun bed shop. And yes, it looks sexy.

Woman looks shocked at a mobile phone
November 3, 2015

In one of the more strange stories I have read in a while, Isabella Valle, 23, of Miami, is in lots of trouble after going to a local fast food restaurant, getting naked, and smearing ketchup all over herself.

Malaysian mountain
June 16, 2015

Our rowdy youth are notorious pests when they’re abroad; if we’re not casually desecrating somebody’s treasured culture and heritage, we’re striping naked in their streets and peeing on their sacred buildings. And this is only our casual ‘party-time’ tourists, and doesn’t include our other equally famous horde of intrepid travellers – the ‘gap year’ bunch.

Woman being stripped naked
October 30, 2014

It has to be said there are many different kinds of people I hate in this world. Killers, rapists and Manchester United fans obviously make the list, but I also have a complete loathing of thieves. Anyone who doesn’t want to go out an earn what they have and instead wants to steal it is beneath contempt in my opinion. This is why I found the following story coming out of China absolutely hilarious.

Silhouette of a woman with knees in hands next to a windiow
October 16, 2014

I have to admit, I’m not massively up on all the phone apps that kids are using these days. This is why I was a little confused when I was watching This Morning yesterday and they were talking about something called the ‘snappening’. This was apparently where a load of peoples ‘snapchat’ images were hacked and put on social media, many of which were naked.

Man looking shocked
August 28, 2014

We all know that student tuition fees are a real pisser. One of the reasons I am writing for the Escort England blog is because I am getting a bit of extra cash to pay for my degree. However, this girl in Amsterdam has thought of an even more novel way of making that cash.

Woman looks shocked at a computer screen
August 18, 2014

Shoppers in Streatham, London were given a bit of a shock last week when a naked man casually started walking past them in broad daylight.

shocked man looking at camera
June 9, 2014


As a Manc myself, I know that Manchester people are a bit different. Maybe it is something to do with our famous music scene, or the fact our football teams dominate the sport on a domestic level. What is certain is that we march to a slightly different drum beat than the rest of the country.

McDonald#s drive thru sign
April 9, 2014


I have seen many things in McDonald’s in my time, usually at the end of a long night drinking. I have seen fights, people being sick on the table, and many other things that make me glad I don’t venture there too often these days. But a woman running topless through the establishment, trashing it in the process? Nope, I have never seen that!