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Traffic jam on British motorway
July 20, 2018


Not many of us like traffic jams. We are sat there like dickheads, changing the radio station, playing with our phone, and generally getting rather annoyed. Well, it seems that a couple in Russia found their own way of passing the time, when they decided to have sex through the sunroof on their car.

Mistakes Were Made Stories Of Sex Gone Wrong!
February 15, 2018

A Russian nightclub is at the centre of a storm after it was alleged they got a girl to give a guy oral sex on a stage in order to get free drinks.

Couple having sex screenshot
August 29, 2017


This week saw crazy scenes in London where a brazen couple were filmed having at a train station, before casually catching the train as if nothing had happened.

shocked looking woman
July 14, 2017

A advert for bikini line shaving products has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) after it was found to likely cause “serious or widespread offence”.

couple having argument over dog sex screenshot
May 18, 2017


In one of the most bizarre videos I have seen in a long time, a man who got launched out of a pub after admitting having sex with a dog got involved in a stand up row with a woman in the street regarding his alleged lurid actions.

A man watches traditional porn and is bored by it
March 23, 2017


Every few weeks there seems to be a new public sex story in the news. Most of them just pass me by. Yes, they are having sex, they should get a room, but it is just same-old same-old. However, occasionally you see one which really does knock you back. This video from city of Salamanca, in the central Spanish region of Castile and Leon is a case in point.

Blowjob in nighclub
November 30, 2016


In a rather strange story, a woman has been filmed giving a guy a blowjob in the middle of a nightclub.

Beautiful large Portuguese flag waving in the wind against a blue background in Lisbon, Portugal
June 15, 2016

It is maybe the most horrific thing I have seen on the internet in a long time. A couple in Portugal have been filmed having sex, in public, right in front of their daughter.

Woman looks shocked at a mobile phone
November 3, 2015

In one of the more strange stories I have read in a while, Isabella Valle, 23, of Miami, is in lots of trouble after going to a local fast food restaurant, getting naked, and smearing ketchup all over herself.

Sexy pole dancer
May 7, 2015


Hey, we aren’t all one dimensional here at Escort Sweden. Our life isn’t all about escorts, we like pole dancing as well…