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Football in sunset
August 25, 2017

In one of the more shocking allegations we have heard in a long time, female Grimsby football fans have allegedly been forced to show their bras to Stevenage stewards as part of security checks before entering the stadium.

street sex worker
August 18, 2017

Life for street sex workers isn’t much like fun. Not only are they often looked at as the poor relation of the industry compared to online professionals, more importantly they are often the target of theft and violent assaults. However in Merseyside, it looks like the police are doing something about it.

Red room
August 5, 2017

In a rather troubling case, a police force have been accused of threatening brothel workers with prosecution, rather than targeting the armed robbers who have made a series of raids in the area.

woman in white sheet after being raped
February 15, 2017

We got a lot of feedback on our Rolf Harris piece from last week. For those who haven’t read it, we discussed the end of his new trial where he was cleared of three sexual assault charges and a jury failed to return a verdict on four counts.

Judge gavel, scales of justice and law books in court
February 9, 2017

In major news, entertainer Rolf Harris could be released from jail as early as July, after he was cleared of three sexual assaults, and the jury was discharged on another four counts.

Close-up face of Cute pug puppy dog sleeping rest open eye by chin and tongue lay down on laminate floor
December 21, 2016

Hey, it is almost Christmas , but that doesn’t mean there isn’t time for some messed up sex story from around the world. This time we don’t need to travel too far as the fucked up shit comes from old Blighty, where a woman is accused of letting a dog have sex with her.

Accused in dog sex case
November 24, 2016

A woman who admitted having sex with her dog has escaped jail after a trial in Australia.

Sexy Teacher Alexandria Vera
November 21, 2016

A 24 year old female teacher who was made pregnant by a 13 year old student has pleaded guilty to the aggravated sexual assault of a child this week. However, it looks like she may avoid jail.

November 8, 2016

Here at Escort England, we are well aware that many women are the victims of sexual assault and rape in this country. No-one deserves that, and it is only right that we, as a society, do things to minimise these kinds of offences.

Hey you! Furious young bearded man pointing you and shouting while standing against grey background
July 11, 2016

No-one likes getting hit with a car. There you have it; the most obvious comment of the day you are likely to hear. However, there are ways to go about dealing with it happening. Dust yourself off, make a complain, then go and get compensation seems the most normal course of events. Dropping your pants and jerking off in the middle of the street probably isn’t the way.