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Famous Tower Bridge in the morning, London, England
April 11, 2017

People like to spend time in London for a number of different reasons. As the capital of the UK you’ll find many great tourist spots to visit, many of which are perfect for a unique date. There are also some of the best restaurants, hotels, and shops here for you to visit. But it seems that there is another reason you should be in London, and it is all about your orgasm.

The people's emotions in the cinema
November 7, 2016


The internet has made it a lot easier for people to gain access to porn. Not only can you pay to view top quality porn from your favourite producers, but you can also get your hands on free porn thanks to websites like Pornhub. It used to be that you had to visit the back room of a sex shop to find the best videos, or that you would go and get a ticket at the sex cinema for a late show.

A sexy pole dancer representing strippers
August 2, 2016

When people want to get kinky, they think of stripping. They might ask their partner to provide a sexy strip tease for them, sitting down on a chair and enjoying the dancing with the removal of clothes slowly to tease them. However, a lot of people instead decide to visit a strip club. Inside they will find lots of sexy strippers eager to show off their moves.

Westminster Bridge at sunset, London, UK
July 14, 2016

If some of you guys and girls have been reading my tweets, I’ve recently booked some vacation time away from the office to visit good old England again, and I couldn’t resist visiting the country’s thriving capital once more.

A woman relaxing as she takes part in some orgasmic meditation classes
March 2, 2016

There seem to be classes on just about anything nowadays. If you want to learn more about it, you can take part in a class with expert instructors to guide you through it. Want to know how Vikings had fun? Perhaps you want to get a degree in surfing? You can do both of these things, but the latest that we just can’t stop talking about are the orgasmic meditation classes Londoners are currently enjoying.

The London skyline
September 15, 2015

In a world where Jeremy Corbyn has been elected to the Labour leadership, it is safe to say that anything going on elsewhere in a plitical sense has been missed. That isn’t to say that Corbyn will be successful (personally I think his policies have electoral disaster written all over them) but it does mean that interesting developments in other areas are being overlooked.

Black and white picture of a woman putting her hands over her face
September 3, 2015

A sex worker was described as being ‘lucky to be alive’ after being stabbed with scissors by a client who couldn’t stay aroused.

May 7, 2015

A teenager has been detained for two years over the sex attack that led a student to publish an open letter about her ordeal.

Man looks and below sheets to see penis
February 18, 2015


As a guy, few things can be worse than having a small penis. From the moment we become sexually aware, we are taught that having a big penis is better, and that guys with small dicks are somewhat ‘inferior’. It matters not that you only need a certain length to please a woman, (or man) having a small willy can lead to guys having real confidence issues, and in some cases, suffering from depression.

Shocked man covering forehead
April 15, 2014


Some things are just too strange to be believed. Still, when you see them with your own eyes, you know they are true, somehow.