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Woman lying back and having an orgasm
March 12, 2016

Many people take their information from what they see in porn movies or from what Hollywood delivers them. Well, there are many subjects that don’t have too many sources of info. Female sexuality/orgasms used to be one of them but, fortunately, this seems to be changing.

Mn looking Thoughtful on bed
October 26, 2015

Gentlemen! We’ve all been there, right? You’re in bed with a sexy partner, you get down and dirty with her, then all of a sudden you climax after 5 minutes of getting your cock stroked, licked or fucked. However, your partner is left to finish herself off. We all understand that it’s part of men’s nature to come quicker than women, after all, a man’s dick is just a huge clit.

Beautiful lady in sexy lingerie lies in bed
July 8, 2015

If you go looking for articles or tips on how to give her multiple orgasms, you will be overwhelmed by articles promising the answers… but when you start reading them, you are made to feel as though you need a gynaecology degree just to give her one!

woman having orgasm
March 18, 2015


Orgasms are a pretty important part of sex. Having sex and missing out on the big finish leaves us hugely unsatisfied, as well as leaving it to feel unfinished. That is why we are always talking about them.

Upset couple in bed
March 17, 2015


Sometimes, women fake orgasms. It’s something pretty much all men know, and yet a lot believe that their sexy lady has never faked it with them. Can we really spot the real from the fake?

Woman lies on bed with finger over her lips
September 26, 2014

The one thing women can most definitely do and men can’t is fake orgasms. Women know if a man is faking, the evidence is non-arguable. But a woman can fake as much and as many times as she likes often with her man being none the wiser. How can you tell a woman has faked it, we uncover the truth.