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Happy smiling couple in love
November 7, 2016

Ask people about their favourite sex positions and you will find the same ones up there, right at the top. Doggy style is one of them, but another popular position is the cowgirl. In the cowgirl position, the woman gets on top and takes control. How fast and hard or slow and sensual you go is up to her. You are entirely at her mercy as she rides your cock until she cums.

A sexy woman showing off her butt for the ass lovers
May 4, 2016

We all have our favourite positions when it comes to sex. You might like nothing better than lying back and letting a woman climb on your cock, but others might enjoy a little bit of missionary fun. One of the most popular positions though is the doggy style, and that might be because ass lovers can enjoy a fantastic view here.

A couple trying some orgasmic sex positions to get her to cum
April 6, 2016

Women have a harder time than men getting to orgasm. We really wish that this wasn’t the case, but unfortunately it is, and that means that, in the heat of the moment, you are left satisfied while we are left disappointed. Definitely not what you were hoping for! Which is why enjoying the more orgasmic sex positions is important.

A couple trying out some small penis sex positions
February 25, 2016


Unfortunately, life isn’t fair, especially when it comes to sex. Some of you won’t have been blessed with a cock so big that it has its own gravitation field, and while people keep insisting that it isn’t the size of your cock that matters, sometimes you just wish it was that little bit bigger. The average cock comes it at around 5.5 inches, which many believe is more than enough to satisfy, but what can you do if your dick is smaller than this? Why not change things up by looking at some of the small penis sex positions?

Young couple having some intense rough sex
January 29, 2016

Sex is a hell of a lot of fun, but you might find that it gets a little boring. Vanilla sex is good sometimes, but most of us are hoping to enjoy sex a little more exciting and harder. We don’t exactly want tying up and whipping, but that little bit of hard, rough sex is just what we need.

Young couple in bed having sex
May 1, 2015


Everyone is always looking for a new and exciting sex position to try, but scanning through the pages of the Kama Sutra takes a long time, and honestly, we don’t know how they get into half of those positions without breaking limbs first.

Lovers' feet in the bed
February 24, 2015


Sex is a lot of fun, but sometimes you find yourself being very boring in bed. It doesn’t happen on purpose. It’s just that, over time, you know which positions work for you are rarely deviate. It might seem like you are always hitting the spot, but it can lead to things going stale in the sack.

happy couple
December 17, 2014


Christmas is a time for giving; whether you’re with somebody new or you’ve unwrapped that box a hundred times before, it’s time to shake things up a little. Christmas sex positions might not be an actual thing (unless you want to don a pair of antlers or dress up like Santa), but with all the rushing around spending some intimate time with your love one can often be overlooked. And so we’ve made a list of some kinky ‘festive’ positions to try, and you’re welcome to check it twice.