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December 18, 2013

Christmas, for most people, is the most wonderful time of the year. Family and friends get together, presents are exchanged and love is shared. It doesn’t even matter if you are religious or not, it is a time for companionship.

December 17, 2013

All have us have regrets regarding our sex lives. We can all go back to at least one incident where we have thought ‘ooh, I wish I hadn’t done that”. But a recent look at studies from the University of Texas and the University of California say that what we regret is actually determined by what sex we are.

December 16, 2013

A marriage can be a very difficult thing to maintain. There are many different reasons for this, ranging from affairs, to lack of time with each other thanks to children entering the equation. Whatever the reasons, a huge number of marriages break down and steps need to be taken if a couple are going to work through their issues and have a long and happy partnership.

December 13, 2013


Firstly, who can argue with staying in bed a little longer?

Morning routines constitute of getting up, showering, having breakfast, brushing your teeth and going to work – in a word, boring! There is a solution however; morning sex. Not only is this a great way to break out of your usual routine, but it will inject a little energy into your mornings and is said to have heaps of physical and emotional benefits.

December 12, 2013

Performance anxiety has become one of the greatest obstacles for men today; sexually and emotionally. For those who are battling with this, you are all too familiar with how debilitating the worrying can be. However, many do not realise how common performance anxiety is among men of all ages; almost all of us will suffer from this at some point in our lives.

December 11, 2013

Aphrodisiacs are a substance linked to increasing sexual desire. Throughout history, many foods and drinks have had a reputation for heightening arousal and the senses; making sex more pleasurable and leading to the most fantastic orgasms. To date, there are no substantiated claims that any particular food increases sexual desire or performance; however there are those who swear by their effects.

December 10, 2013

There is a moment in the life of every young man when they learn that real sex is not like it is in porn. For some, they suggested something that most girls were unaware of, and for others they grabbed a boob like it was made from silicone and not nerves and flesh. Porn films are nonstandard; the stars are perfect creatures whose endurance is something no normal person can keep up with.

December 9, 2013


For those who are looking to spice up their sex lives, but aren’t quite sure how, why not try using props in the bedroom? A mixture of playful accessories, games and techniques will prevent your sex life from becoming predictable. According to a recent online poll, an overwhelming 70% said they enjoy introducing new props to the bedroom to spice things up.

December 6, 2013

Christmas is coming and that means one thing; time to get your wallet out. Don’t despair! Use Christmas to your advantage and buy her some sexy gifts to get in her in the mood. There are plenty of sexy gifts available on the market, so you are spoilt for choice. If a little overwhelmed, we have compiled a list sexy gifts for all budget types.

Woman tales off red knickers in bed with man
December 5, 2013


When it comes to sex, there are a few products that we should all have – it will just make our sex lives that little more fun. If your life is devoid of sex toys, you are most definitely missing out! Whether you’re going at it alone or with your partner, there are so many great toys and products on the market today that can take your sex life to the next level.