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A man getting his penis operated in
June 27, 2017


A man in Thailand has come to worldwide attention after he had two metal rings on his penis cut off after a sex game went wrong.

Hey you! Furious young bearded man pointing you and shouting while standing against grey background
July 11, 2016

No-one likes getting hit with a car. There you have it; the most obvious comment of the day you are likely to hear. However, there are ways to go about dealing with it happening. Dust yourself off, make a complain, then go and get compensation seems the most normal course of events. Dropping your pants and jerking off in the middle of the street probably isn’t the way.

Young man jerking off over a keyboard
May 20, 2016


Ah, Sweden. Who wouldn’t want to go and visit this beautiful, fantastic country in the Scandinavian region? It’s the birthplace of the famous Swedish meatballs, the H&M fashion company, and all of the gorgeous women with natural platinum-blonde hair.

a roast chicken
April 27, 2016


We keep being bombarded by all kinds of people telling us what to eat, what do drink, when and how to do it. I get the fact that there are many trained and well-intended nutritionists out there, but can you give us a break?

Ass of a woman
April 25, 2016


I don’t know if they are looking for sexual stimulation or just want to see how far their ass hole can be stretched, but it seems that an impressive number of people are inserting a variety of strange objects in their anuses.

woman in bed with sex toy
April 18, 2016


A sex toy is an object that’s used to facilitate sexual pleasure. While you may know what a sex toy is, you may not know where they originated from! The kinky gods were mistaken when they thought our sexy body parts would be sufficient. It was our kinky ancestors that got down and dirty and constructed adult toys for the horny masses. These sexual inventions revolutionized sexual pleasure making sex sexier and kink kinkier!

Businesswoman on the phone
June 4, 2015


From the Greeks to the Ottomans, and then again onto the modern day Americans, there has been one accepted principle when it comes to attraction: people in positions of authority are hot. Without getting into a discussion about a patriarchal society, this is typically more commonly seen amongst young women, with that Hollywood style beady-eyed look as they stare at their adult superiors.

Man and woman laughing over a tablet
May 4, 2015

A usual house warming gift would traditionally include new pots and pans, a picture for the wall, or my own personal favourite, a nice bottle of wine. However, when this guy moved into his new home, he got something rather different, and arguable better!

Pour drink
October 20, 2014

Have you ever been pouring a drink and found yourself thinking “I wish this was coming from the nipple of a sex doll?” No? Well, you definitely aren’t alone there! Yet it seems that somewhere in Japan, someone did have that thought and now you can get the latest must-have party accessory: a sex doll drinking fountain.

White womahn sees a black mans erection underneath covers
October 10, 2014


When I visit an escort, I always worry about keeping my erection for a sustained period. The women are just so hot that I completely expect to blow my load before my time is up. It is so bad, that I usually have a wank an hour before I go. I always thought it would be impossible to have too long an erection.