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Sexy couple kissing each others on balcony. Summer time
August 12, 2018


The weather lately means that more and more people are taking risks. They feel horny and want to take advantage of the weather by stripping off for some public sex. The problem is that they don’t often think about where they fuck, and so they end up getting caught.

Traffic jam on British motorway
July 20, 2018


Not many of us like traffic jams. We are sat there like dickheads, changing the radio station, playing with our phone, and generally getting rather annoyed. Well, it seems that a couple in Russia found their own way of passing the time, when they decided to have sex through the sunroof on their car.

Mistakes Were Made Stories Of Sex Gone Wrong!
February 15, 2018

A Russian nightclub is at the centre of a storm after it was alleged they got a girl to give a guy oral sex on a stage in order to get free drinks.

A man watches traditional porn and is bored by it
March 23, 2017


Every few weeks there seems to be a new public sex story in the news. Most of them just pass me by. Yes, they are having sex, they should get a room, but it is just same-old same-old. However, occasionally you see one which really does knock you back. This video from city of Salamanca, in the central Spanish region of Castile and Leon is a case in point.

Video camera shooting an event
August 24, 2016

The Olympics are officially over… and yet, we are still talking about it. We can’t stop talking about the amazing results for Team GB, as well as some of the incredible things that we have seen during the games. However, there is one thing that we are talking about more than anything else, and that is the Olympic sex couple.

A sexy woman slips her hands into her jeans for some public fingering
July 5, 2016

If something is a taboo, it means that we are a hell of a lot more likely to do it. Being naughty in public is a huge turn on for many, because there is the chance of being caught. It adds a certain thrill to it, but for some people, it is even better if they are caught, and if there is nothing others can do about it. That is why many like to enjoy a little public fingering.

Woman leaning back on a beach
June 23, 2016


Having sex in new and unusual places is an adventurous, sexy ass fuck it, buck it list. Getting it on anywhere outside of the bedroom is among the leading ways kinksters spice up those kinky festivities. Whether it’s shagging on the washing machine, or on the beach, adding an atypical situation and element can amass […]

Sexy woman on beach
March 21, 2016

Recently an angry citizen made two strangers’ public love-making session famous, by uploading a recording on YouTube. It appears that this wasn’t the first time people were having sexy fun outside his house, so he decided to teach them a lesson.

Young passionate couple making love in bed
September 25, 2015


We all have a bucket list of things that we want to do in bed, and there are plenty of hot and sexy things on there that we are eager to try out. Whether it is simply a night of domination that you want to try, or you are interested in some roleplay with costumes, we all have our fantasies.

Hey you! Furious young bearded man pointing you and shouting while standing against grey background
September 14, 2015

If someone has filmed you having sex without your consent, you might be pretty annoyed about it. After all, what is going on with you and your partner is private and isn’t for anyone else. Plus, it’s pretty damn creepy.