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Wardrobe malfunction
February 6, 2017


A super hot French game show contestant suffered multiple wardrobe malfunction on the country’s version of Wheel of Fortune.

A man watches porn and it is ruining his sex life
December 12, 2016


I remember when I lived in a house share. I have to say, I hated it. On my first day, I went and used the bathroom and found no toilet roll. I went downstairs and asked where the toilet roll was. My new housemate replied “it should be upstairs”, to which I said “yes, it fucking should be”. I was never cut out for that way of life. Still, however bad my housemates were (and I probably to them) they haven’t got a patch on this guy.

Viral picture of Chuckle Brothers with young girl in the centre
November 24, 2015


It has been one of he craziest viral sensations of the year. The picture of Jemima Campion with the Chuckle Brothers, where due to an optical illusion, her arm ended up looking like a penis coming out of a glass, has taken the internet by storm.

A woman in a black latex suit is holding a fetish whip made of leather in her hands.
August 24, 2015


A group of OAP’s with an average age of 85 shocked the normally quaint Ashington Festival in Horsham, West Sussex, by decking their minibus in a ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ style.

Front end of a written off blue car
July 14, 2015


We have all heard the jokes about women drivers. Apparently, if you are a woman, you shouldn’t be allowed on the roads as you are something of a liability. Whilst you are doing your lipstick in the mirror, you proceed to crash into a fuel lorry, taking out yourself and the rest of the block. We all know that this is wrong, and probably a bit offensive. However, there are some ladies out there who really don’t do the rest of their sex any favours whatsoever.

June 16, 2015


I have to admit it, when I saw the ‘alleged’ Danish sex education book which went into rather graphic detail about how children were made this week, I thought it was a wind up. Maybe it the torrent of fake stories given to us by social media, or allegations of photo’s being taken down because they ‘offend Muslims’, when in fact no such thing has happened, I have just become rather sceptical in my old age.

Couple lying together
July 14, 2014

Russian Police are trying to track down a couple who have been caught having sex on a very public fountain in the middle of the day.

Man looking shocked
July 12, 2014


A U.S paramedic ended up at the centre of a medical emergency of his own after he was bitten in the balls by a family dog whilst he was trying to save the life of a child from that address.

Brunette with big boobs looks up at camera
June 27, 2014

We all get horny at some point or another. I know when I do I go and see those hot Malmo escorts who certainly know how to show me a good time. However, I never ‘scratch that itch’ when I am working, and I certainly don’t go as to the lengths that this guy from Barwell in England decided to go to relieve himself.

A picture of Facebook
June 25, 2014

They say criminals are never the most intelligent of people. However, few can be more stupid than this guy in Minnesota who left his Facebook on at the home he was burgling.