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Woman lying on top of man in bedroom
February 8, 2018

Most of us have a few positions we love to try during sex. These positions are often the ones which leave us feeling amazing, but the problem with that is that we tend to stick with these few positions. Rather than spicing things up and getting adventurous, we fall into a sex routine. We’ll use the same positions over and over again, which can make things incredibly dull.

Sensual foreplay by couple in bedroom
November 16, 2017


Height can really make things tough in the bedroom. There are plenty of different positions you can try, but knowing which ones will work is going to be hard. If you are a shorter man you don’t want to have to experiment with your partner to find out. You’d rather know which work before you get into the bedroom.

Passionate couple kissing, boy and girl sitting on wooden floor near the rumpled bed opposite the window.
September 3, 2017


Penis size is a big deal to a lot of people. Men often ask if size matters, and the typical response is that size does not matter. However, most people don’t believe this. They think that it is something that people say just to make them feel better. They are convinced that bigger is better.

Passionate couple kissing
January 2, 2017


Everyone has their favourite sex positions. It might be that the position simply feels amazing. Sometimes, it is because we get the chance to experience something in this position that we might not in any other.

The 5 Worst Sex Positions For Women
September 19, 2016

We all have those positions in the bedroom that we really hate to do. They are the worst sex positions from us, because they aren’t enjoyable and don’t give us as much pleasure as they should.

couple having car sex
June 16, 2016

When it comes to sex in cars, a kinky light-bulb goes off above the horny who are on-the-go. Sex in car enthusiasts know that you’ve got to be flexible and creative if you’re going to shag in that sardine can on wheels. There’s usually little to no space inside of a car, and although that sexy act may transpire in the front seat, it typically rocks to the back so as to maximize all potential space. Shagging in cars is a rite of passage and it’s literally fast-food for kinksters with voracious appetites.

A hot and sexy couple trying out some standing sex positions
June 9, 2016

When we have sex, most of us tend to lie down on a bed and get to it. We love the idea of having sex standing up, but a lot of the positions require you to hold your partner up for long periods of time. This isn’t always possible, which is why we instead tend to stick with missionary instead of looking for standing sex positions that work for us.

A hot couple in bed enjoying some vanilla sex
May 30, 2016

Not everybody likes kinky sex. Sure, BDSM might seem like a nice idea, but the idea of actually giving your partner such control over you in the bedroom just isn’t a turn on for some. Some people enjoy nothing more than vanilla sex, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Woman on top of man in bed
May 9, 2016

Creativity has always been the key ingredient in making up interesting new sex moves. Every day kinky minds are conjuring new sex moves and names to describe them. Thanks to the Urban Dictionary, a satirical crowdsourced online dictionary of slang words and phrases there’s a place for such fantastical nonsense. This website resembles a bathroom wall of sorts for freaks and their freaky new moves.

A sexy woman showing off her butt for the ass lovers
May 4, 2016

We all have our favourite positions when it comes to sex. You might like nothing better than lying back and letting a woman climb on your cock, but others might enjoy a little bit of missionary fun. One of the most popular positions though is the doggy style, and that might be because ass lovers can enjoy a fantastic view here.